Al-Shifa Foundation of North America is currently supporting the following projects of Al-Shifa Trust, Rawalpindi

  • Sponsoring Corneas purchase from Eversight, USA
  • Sponsoring free eye surgeries for the poor and needy patients at Al-Shifa Trust eye hospitals.
  • Sponsoring surgical and screening eye camps in remote areas
  • Sponsoring schools eye screening

Al-Shifa Community Health and Outreach Services

Al-Shifa center for community ophthalmology has so far set-up over 3500 screening and surgical camps all over Pakistan. About 30,000 patients have been successfully operated through this program. Under school eye health program, over 1.5 Million children have been screened for eye problems. Under the program of public eye health education, nearly 9000 voluntary workers have been trained in primary eye care.

Al-Shifa Trust has also been regularly conducting surgical eye camps in the remote areas of Pakistan and surrounding region. Over 25,000 patients have been treated and about 2000 operations carried out during these camps. Al-Shifa doctors are conducting complicated eye surgeries in Mauritius since 2010.