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AFNA Donation of OrCam Device to Deserving Recipients
Muhammad Talha Masood


We ( AST/ AFNA) gifted another MyEye Orcam device to a 27-year old brilliant MPhil student Muhammad Talha Masood who lost his eyesight in a bomb explosion. Despite all the tragedy he faced, his motivation and faith didn’t stop him to excel in his field.

He’s not only a student but a Blogger, motivational speaker, writer and Hafiz-e-Quran as well. He’s truly an inspiration for all of us. This Device will help him in mobility since his hands were also damaged in the bomb explosion. His hard copy books will also be saved in this device thus helping him excel in his future endeavors.

President AST declared that this MyEye Orcam device would be provided to the most deserving candidates who have the drive to contribute to the society and have the ability to excel in their respective fields.

Thumbs up for AST for their great contribution in fighting blindness.
Al-Shifa Foundation of North America
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Syed Sardar Ahmed Pirzada


MyEye orcam device is presented as a gift to Syed Sardar Ahmed Pirzada, the first blind Journalist of Pakistan. He gave a very positive feedback on using the device and highly appreciated the fact that AST is the first to bring this device in Pakistan. As a great response, donors are coming out from different areas of Pakistan to sponsor this device for people who are visually impaired but have potential to reach new heights.

This device will not only make people independent but also will make them a useful citizen for the nation. Patients will be facilitated with Myeye orcam device at Light House, Al-Shifa Trust. Thumbs up for AST for their great contribution in fighting blindness.