Al-Shifa Foundation of North America





Donation Amount
$20,000 10-15 bed patient ward (Dedication)
$10,000 5×5 bed patient ward (Dedication)
$5,000 Semi private Room with two beds
$2,000 Cost of one patient Bed and wheel chair (Dedication)


NOTE: A plaque in the name of donor or his/her nominee to be installed in Rawalpindi, Sukkur, Kohat, Quetta or Muzaffarabad Hospitals as per donor’s choice for any of the above. This will be your Sadaqa-e-Jariyya.

Other Sponsorships:


Donation Amount
$3,000 Sponsor 10 cataract surgeries/year for 3 Years
$1,500 Sponsor 5 cataract surgeries/year for 3 Years
$1,000 Sponsor Squint operations for 10 Children
$500 Cornea transplant of one patient
$300 Retina operation of one patient
$200 Two glaucoma patients operations
$3,000 Sponsor an eye camp (screen/treat 500-800 people)
$2,000 Screening of children in one school (500-1500 children)