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Al-Shifa Foundation of North America



Rawalpindi Hospital

The trust complex is situated 35 kilometers from the capital Islamabad on the outskirts of Rawalpindi alongside the Grand Trunk Road. It has five components i.e Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Rawalpindi, Kohat, Sukkur, Quetta and Muzaffrabad. Two hospitals at Quetta and Muzaffrabad will soon be established.

Our Capital Cost has been Rs. 610 million ($12million) on these components. 75% of this has come from public donations from within

Pakistan and abroad while 25% has been in the form of grants from different government sources. 75% of our patient care services are free, 20% pay at subsidized rates while only 5% pay the full cost of the treatment. Our recurrent cost is Rs. 120 million a year. 40% of it comes from donations, 35% is generated from hospital charges, while 25% is contributed through Zakat and other grants.



Kohat Hospital

3rd Eye Hospital At Kohat in North West Frontier Province(NWFP) started functioning from Jan 2006. Built at the cost of Rs. 3 hundred million, this hospital serves the people of Kohat, adjoining underserved tribal areas and patients from neighboring Afghanistan. This hospital is also running outreach program far flung areas.


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Sukkur is functioning since June 2000 and in the first phase, general Ophthalmology and outreach program was developed. In second phase sub-specialties like Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina and low vision also started functioning.

Sukker Hospital

The hospital will cater for Southern Punjab, Sindh and adjoining areas of Baluchistan. Many of the modern eye-care facilities come to this area for the first time. Phacoemulsification, the most modern surgical techniques to treat cataract has been used for the first time. Dr. waqar Pathan, an accomplished eye surgeon is working here as Medical superintendent of this hospital.

Community program lunched at sukkur is very extensive and covers a large area from multan to Dera Bugti.


The dream of Late Jahandad Khan, has finally turnprojec2ed into reality. Today, with Muzaffarabad Eye Hospital being functional, Al-Shifa Trust has four state of the art eye hospitals in Pakistan and AJK. This hospital designed to be 200 bedded hospital and built at the cost of Rs. 300 million has the capacity to handle about 600 -1,000 patients and to undertake 60-80 surgeries daily.

Al-Shifa community health and outreach services

Al-Shifa center for community ophthalmology has so far set-up over 3000 screening andeye_camp surgical camps all over Pakistan. About 30,000 patients have been successfully operated through this program. Under school eye health program, over 1.5 Million children have been screened for eye problems. Under the program of public eye health education, nearly 9000 voluntary workers have been trained in primary eye care.

Al-Shifa has also been regularly conducting surgical eye camps in different parts of Afghanistan. Over 25,000 patients have been treated and about 2000 operations carried out during these camps. Al-Shifa doctors are conducting complicated eye surgeries in Mauritius since 2010.

Pharma Unit


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